Supply unit with an option of 30pin for 3/4/4S and Lightning connector for new iPhone 5



  • Zensorium | CT

    Hi Craig, indeed our engineering team have started looking into this.  Thank you for your interest in our product and Zensorium! We aim to provide a beautiful solution very soon.

  • Mathieu T.
    As I do have the iPhone 5 now, I am also interested for a solution to use Tinke on it ! Is Tinké working on the iPhone 5 with the adaptator from apple ?
  • Zensorium | A

    Hi Mathieu,

    We are as excited as you but we are still doing the testing at the moment so let us update you again! :)

  • Gradeler sebastien
    Same here ! I would love to test it on my iphone5 ! Is it possible either to install it on the new iPad ? Because i will give my iphone 4s to a friend and not be able to use the tinke for this test on the iphone 5 for the reasons explained before...
  • Zensorium | A

    Hi Gradeler! We sense your excitement however we are still in the midst of testing our app and device with iPhone 5. It is also advisable that you continue to use your iPhone 4S until the end of the beta test phase (20th Sept to 20th Oct) as the app build that we had sent to you is only for iPhone 4S. Please let us know again if this is an issue.

  • Matthew Banks

    Just came across the Tinké today. I want to order a couple but have fully converted to Lightning enabled Apple devices. I have the adaptor, but it does not look like you've confirmed it works appropriately yet. Please confirm so I can order ASAP! Thanks

  • Zensorium | A

    Hi Matthew! We have tried and tested Tinké on iPhone 5 using the adaptor and it works like a breeze :) Please go ahead and make your purchase!

  • Matthew Banks

    Thanks for the fast response. I figured this much - I've already ordered! Merry Christmas to me :) 

  • Zensorium | A

    Hi Matthew! Great to hear that & hope that you will like Tinké as much as we do! Merry Christmas! :)

  • Bill Coffelt

    Any updates on the iPhone 5 connector?

  • Zensorium | CT

    Hi Bill, we are scheduling for production and will have more news in late Spring / early Autumn.  Our community will receive the first hand news! Keep tuned to us!

  • Steve Hunt

    The adapter between 30-pin and Lightning connector is not just about the cost.  The bigger issue is the added length of the intermediate connector and the ability to hold the Tinke steady long enough to get good readings. One of the videos shows that a reporter wasn't holding it steady long enough to get a good reading ...

    This looks like a GREAT product ... with lots of value.  I will buy one the minute you announce you have the Lightning option available.  I also think there are a lot of others who will wait for that option.

  • Zensorium | A

    Hi Steve,

    Thank you for your kind feedback. We are also excited to make Tinke with Lightning Connector available soon!

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