• David Raffaele

    Good question.l I am still not sure if this is something that will be on my nightstand waiting for me each morning or something that i am using throughout the day. The directions made it very clear that it is to be used in a fully relaxed and sitting down position. 

  • Sheil Kataria

    It is quite small and I can totally see people loosing the Tinké while on the move, commuting, traveling etc.. the option to add some sort of lanyard or a small clip would allow us to secure it in our bags, pockets and so forth.

  • Sheil Kataria

    losing* :-)

  • Zensorium | A

    Hi all!

    Your suggestions are duly noted and will be considered :)

  • Elfried Klarenbeek

    Hi sheil, david 

    I agree i already lost it.  and luckily found it again

    Is is so small and therfor hard to keep track of 


  • Zensorium | CT

    Hi Everyone!

    We have take all your comments into consideration and included the keyhole possibility for our new launch Tinké (iOS with Lightning connector). Check it our here:

    Thanks once again! We like to reward you with a special discount and if you are keen to redeem, PM us at



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