Sync cable extension (30 pin M/F)?


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  • Ken Zemach

    Agree that holding the finger/thumb steady and properly on the Tinke is difficult with the current set up.  Short term option could be an extension cable...   However, longer term option IMO should be a redesign as a BT based module so that it doesn't have to physically connected to the phone.   There is currently at least one BT based photoplethysmography device in existence, so it's not a difficult engineering challenge.  The added advantage of a redesign would be to give it a clip-to-the-finger cover like other photoplethysmography units, thus making it a heck of a lot easier to get an accurate reading.


    Added advantage of making it a BT device (rechargeable with standard microUSB cable) is that a) it will easily port to Andoid devices and b) you don't have to remake the thing anyway for the iPhone 5. 

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