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  • Zensorium Customer Service

    Hi Brock,

    We have tested and were successful with sharing our Shouts on Facebook so we will like to bring you through the steps (below) to see if your problem can be resolved. Please also ensure that you allow "Tinke App" to post on your behalf under your Facebook's privacy settings.

    Sharing your shouts (see attached images): 
    1. Take and save your measurement. Select "Shout". 
    2. Type your comments and check the "Facebook" icon. 
    3. Ensure that the colour of the icon had changed from white to blue before selecting "Shout" 
    4. Once done, you will be brought back to the results page with an indication that your results have been "Shouted"

    Please try to again and let us know if the problem still persist for you. Thank you!

    Zensorium Support Team 
    Business Innovation Group

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