What is Zen Index Score?


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  • Zensorium Customer Service

    Hi David,

    Thank you for your enquiry.

    The Zen score is not the same as a heart rate variability score. The score is actually your level of relaxation which is derived from the Heart Rate Variability (HRV) data collected during the 60 seconds of controlled breathing exercise hence the it is not a reflection of actual HRV data.

    As for your low Zen score, we will like to assure you that frequent practising of the Zen measurements will help to improve your score over time as you will soon get used to the proper way of breathing which should calm you down at the same time. We have included a brief about the Zen measurement below for your reference.

    During the 60 seconds of controlled breathing exercise (Zen Measurement), 5 concentric circles which expand and collapse at different speed will be shown and you will have to visually select the concentric circle that moves at the speed which you are most comfortable with and synchronize your breathing with it throughout the 60 seconds measurement. To further relax yourself, simply choose the slower circle which will help users slow down their current breathing (you breathe faster in times of stress/anxiety) to calm themselves down. 
    While doing a Zen measurement, you are encouraged to: 
    1. Breathe in deeply as the circle expands, and breathe out during the collapse. 
    2. Take your breaths all the way down to your abdomen and diaphragm rather than just your lungs. Deep breathing also helps greatly in relaxation.

    We hope that your questions had been answered. Please let us know if you have more enquiries. Thank you.

    Zensorium Support Team 
    Business Innovation Group

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